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Radha is Looking Good

A devised one woman show from Hide and Seek Theatre

by Chandni Mistry
Directed by Tal Jakubowiczova


Radha is 24.
Radha goes to college every day.
Radha weighs 13st and 11 pounds.
Radha likes apples –but not red apples, only green ones.
Radha is spelt R-A-D-H-A.
Radha is autistic.


She doesn’t speak. Only in her head – where the audience is.
This is a rare opportunity to hear her thoughts, dreams and feelings, her loves and hates, and her darkest fears.

A frank and touching insight into a young autistic girl’s dreams.



‘…a delicate handling of a serious subject and narrative…satisfies dramatic appetite’.

StageWon, Pleasance Theatre, 2012.


‘Mistry portrays Radha with sensitivity as well as humour, enabling the play to bypass the patronising tone found in other explorations of similar subjects’.

One Stop Arts, Pleasance Theatre, 2012

For further information or booking check Hide and Seeks website:

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